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The NaNoWriMo wordcount graph for this forum post re: ophiucha_scanpost and everyone who posts there.


  • Total wordcount: 0
  • Average wordcount: 0.00
  • Wordcount standard deviation: 0.00
  • % Active (non-zero wordcount): 0 (0/0) - (compared with 36.1% internationally)
  • % Winners (wordcount>50k): 0 (0/0)
  • % Winners of Active (wordcount>50k): 0 (0/0) (compared with 30.38% internationally)
  • % 40k+ (wordcount>40k): 0 (0/0)
  • % Returning: 0 (0/0)
  • % Returning Who Won: 0 (0/0)
  • % Returning Who Won of Active Returners: 0 (0/0)
  • % of Winners who were Returners: 0 (0/0)

Legend:Danger, danger, Will Robinson!Arr! Matey! All in a day's work! On target! Good for youOn target! (just a different row)Oh my stars! You've won!
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